Phuc Nguyen

Phuc Nguyen

Junior Full Stack Developer
Helsinki, Finland
I am ready in:
August 2019
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Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam from Photo by tu_geo


Hi everybody, my name is Phuc Nguyen. This is my first assignment in Integrify.

Make a portfolio implementation is only using HTML and CSS, try to use as many types of HTMLs tages as possible.

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Skills Level before Integrify Level after Integrify
HTML 7 9
CSS 8 9
Javascript 6 8
React 1 4
Redux 0 4
Nodejs 2 5
MongoDB 1 3



I learn HTML,CSS for a long time.

  • HTML advance
  • CSS advance
  • HTML5
  • CSS5
  • Web Analytic


It is my language program, I use most

  • Javascript baisc
  • jQuery
  • Nodejs
  • ES6


I've just learned it

  • React baisc
  • Redux basic

My projcets


See at Github: Click here

Project 2

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Project 3

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